About this babysitting class

This online and self-paced course provides comprehensive information that you need to have before taking care of gradeschoolers who are 5 to 12 years old. You'll learn about activities that engage gradeschoolers and the different types of play that support their social, emotional, and physical development. You'll also learn best practices for babysitting gradeschoolers who have responsibilities like homework and chores. By completing this course you'll have the skills and confidence to be a BabysitPro for gradeschoolers.

  • Earn the BabysitPro: Gradeschoolers certificate of completion.ert

  • Estimated completion time: 1 hour 30 minutes.

  • BabysitPro does not certify or qualify course participants in child care. The information provided in BabysitPro courses is for informational purposes only.

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Learning objectives

By completing this course you'll be able to...

  • Identify the key responsibilities of babysitting a gradeschooler.

  • Describe age-appropriate activities for gradeschoolers.

  • Learn best practices for helping gradeschoolers with homework and chores.

  • Describe best practices for reading with gradeschoolers at each stage of their reading skills development.

  • Identify how to build a relationship of respect and trust with a gradeschooler.

Course curriculum

This course includes videos, quizzes, and a final exam.

  • 1

    Course content

    • Introduction

    • Quiz #1

    • Introduction to babysitting gradeschoolers

    • Quiz #2

    • Building trust

    • Quiz #3

    • Preparing to babysit before you arrive

    • Quiz #4

    • Preparing to babysit when you arrive

    • Quiz #5

    • What do you actually do while babysitting a gradeschooler?

    • Introduction to engaging

    • Engage by talking

    • Quiz #7

    • Engage by reading

    • Quiz #8

    • Engage by playing

    • Quiz #9

    • Activity ideas

    • Quiz #10

    • Homework

    • Quiz #11

    • Chores

    • Quiz #12

    • Snacks and meals

    • Quiz #13

    • Rules and boundaries

    • Quiz #14

    • Meltdowns and calming an upset gradeschooler

    • Quiz #15

    • Bedtime

    • Quiz #16

    • Conclusion

    • Accessing the final quiz

  • 2

    Final quiz

    • Final quiz

    • Congratulations!