About this babysitting class

This online and self-paced course provides the in-depth knowledge and specific skills that you need to have before babysitting infants who are 6 months to 18 months old. You'll learn about picking up and holding babies and best practices for preparing bottles and feeding them solid foods. You'll also learn how to change a diaper and become familiar with a few different ways to soothe a baby who is crying. By completing this course, you'll have the skills and confidence to be a BabysitPro for infants.

  • Earn the BabysitPro: Infants certificate of completion.

  • Estimated completion time: 1 hour 30 minutes.

  • BabysitPro does not certify or qualify course participants in child care. The information provided in BabysitPro courses is for informational purposes only.

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Learning objectives

By completing this course you'll be able to...

  • Identify the key responsibilities of babysitting an infant.

  • Learn several ways to safely pick up an infant depending on their position.

  • Describe the importance of sensory exploration and identify engaging activities to do with an infant.

  • Identify the supplies you'll need and the steps you'll take to change a baby's diaper.

  • Describe several ways to soothe a baby and best practices for getting a baby ready for nap time.

Course curriculum

This course includes videos, quizzes, and a final exam.

  • 1

    Course content

    • Introduction

    • Introduction to babysitting babies

    • Quiz #1

    • Building trust

    • Quiz #2

    • Preparing to babysit before you arrive

    • Quiz #3

    • Preparing to babysit when you arrive

    • Quiz #4

    • Introduction to moving a baby

    • Quiz #5

    • Picking up a baby

    • Quiz #6

    • Holding a baby

    • Quiz #7

    • How to support a crawling baby

    • Quiz #8

    • How to support a walking baby

    • Quiz #9

    • Comforting a crying baby

    • Quiz #10

    • What do you actually do while babysitting a baby?

    • Introduction to engaging a baby

    • Quiz #11

    • Engage by talking

    • Quiz #12

    • Engage by reading

    • Quiz #13

    • Engage by singing

    • Quiz #14

    • Sensory exploration

    • Quiz #15

    • Feeding a baby a bottle

    • Quiz #16

    • Feeding a baby solid foods

    • Quiz #17

    • Changing a diaper

    • Quiz #18

    • Naps and bedtime

    • Quiz #19

    • Conclusion

    • Accessing the final quiz

  • 2

    Final quiz

    • Final quiz

    • Congratulations!