The days of just asking the teen down the street to watch your kids are over. Sure, it may be convenient, but your kids deserve better than an uninterested and ill-prepared teenager who stares at their phone the whole time!

If you use an online service like or you’re already viewing babysitters who have passed background checks. Background checks provide important information, but wouldn’t you also like to know that the person you hire is prepared and knowledgeable about babysitting children like yours? 

Your kids don’t need a babysitter, your kids deserve a BabysitPro. 

BabysitPros have completed courses through, the only provider of online, self-paced, and age-specific babysitting classes. BabysitPro courses are filled with comprehensive information and detailed best practices for babysitting infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and gradeschoolers. Unlike other babysitting classes, each BabysitPro course is built for babysitters of a specific age group, ensuring that the BabysitPros that you hire have the information they need to be prepared.

So what can you do to make sure your kids are taken care of by a BabysitPro?

  • Interviewing? Before hiring a new babysitter, ask them if they’re a BabysitPro. 

  • Already have a babysitter? Enroll your current babysitter in the age-specific BabysitPro courses that are most relevant to your family. 

  • Have a teen who's ready to start babysitting? Before letting your own kid become a babysitter, make sure that they are a prepared and confident BabysitPro. 

Together, we can ensure that our children are well taken care of and all of your babysitters are BabysitPros! 

Check out all of the BabysitPro courses today!