Finding the right babysitting job can be a time-consuming process. Between the phone interview and meeting many families, you can easily spend several hours deciding whether or not you’re a good fit for the family and their needs. If you do an internet search for “how to interview” you’ll see lots of best practices for getting a job, but, as you know, getting a babysitting job is a different experience because your “boss” is a parent and your “job” is caring for a child. 

There are three ways to wow parents when you meet the prospective babysitting family for the first time. By using these methods you’re sure to impress parents and leave them with a great first impression. 

When you meet the kids, get on their level right away

While babysitting, you will spend all of your time engaging with the kids. So when you first meet the family, your first priority should be forming a connection with the kids. They may be shy and unsure of you at first, especially if they’re a toddler or preschooler, but your proactive engagement will go a long way in showing the parents what you’ll be like when they do leave you with their kids.

Provide qualifications and references

If they’re using an online service to find a babysitter, parents will sift through dozens of profiles. If you get to the point of meeting the family in person for an interview, this is your opportunity to fill in the details about your qualifications and experience. Use vivid language to describe the BabysitPro courses you’ve completed and your past babysitting experiences. Parents may also ask for references. Ideally, your references will have children around the same age, but any families you’ve babysat for will be able to provide insight into how you are as a babysitter.

Send the parents a follow up text or email right away

Within a few hours of your interview, it’s critical that you send a note to the parents via email or text. Your message should be polite and professional. If you’d like to babysit for them, make sure they know you’re enthusiastic! Write something like, “I had a wonderful time meeting you and [insert names of kids] and I’d love to babysit for your family. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or would like to set up time for me to come over to babysit!”

You can find more best practices like these in Becoming a BabysitPro, an online babysitting class designed for current and aspiring babysitters who want to become BabysitPros.