Hiring a new babysitter can be a stressful endeavor. As a parent, your head is undoubtedly filled with a whole range of questions: 

   Will my kids get along with the new babysitter? 
      Will they follow my rules for behavior and bedtime?? 
        Will they accidentally burn down my house??? 

After sifting through online profiles and finding candidates who have the right experience and have passed a background check, you may still have questions about what they’ll actually be like as a sitter. Your best course of action is to conduct an in-person interview before you leave your kids with a new sitter. 

While you’re conducting interviews with prospective babysitters, there are three attributes that you should look out for: proactive, responsible, and outgoing


A proactive sitter is able to identify solutions and prevent potential problems. They are alert and conscientious and give their undivided attention to your kids. Proactive sitters are the kind of people who see things around the house that need to be done, like restocking the diapers or organizing the toys, and do it without being asked. 

What to look for: Proactive sitters will say things like, “What else can I do to help out?” and “I brought a new game with me that I’d like to share with the kids!”

Ask: How do you prepare before a babysitting job?


A responsible sitter takes childcare seriously. They show that they are responsible by investing in babysitting classes and having all of the important qualifications like CPR and First Aid. While babysitting, they won’t take phone calls or spend time texting and they certainly won’t let friends come over. If a behavioral issue arises while they’re with your kids they’ll keep you in the loop.

What to look for:  Responsible sitters will arrive on time for the interview and will be dressed professionally. They’ll ask important questions about behavior, expectations, and will show a genuine interest in getting to know your kids.

Ask: Can you tell me about a time when you were babysitting and things went wrong? What happened and how did you deal with it?


An outgoing sitter is someone who is joyful and excited about what they’re doing. These are the kind of sitters who are playful, creative, and love sharing new games and activities with your kids.

What to look for:  Outgoing sitters arrive with a smile on their face and are eager to get involved and play with your kids.

Ask: What is your favorite game or activity to do while babysitting?

To be 100% sure that the babysitters you’re interviewing have these top three attributes, look for BabysitPro courses on their resume. BabysitPro’s online babysitting classes are focused on preparing babysitters to be proactive, responsible, and outgoing. The courses are filled with comprehensive information and detailed best practices for babysitting infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and gradeschoolers so you can be confident that your BabysitPro has learned the information that is most relevant to your family!